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Trump stormed out of a NATO summit after he or one of his aides overheard Trudeau complaining Trump was late for the summit because he gave a 40-minute press conference.

Please consider Trump Leaves NATO Summit After Video Flap

President Trump called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “two faced” after a video emerged of a group of NATO leaders discussing the U.S. leader without him present, rattling a summit to mark the 70th anniversary of the alliance.

The video, which was taken at a reception at Buckingham Palace Tuesday evening, captures U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking President Emmanuel Macron of France why he was late to the reception. Mr. Macron had come from a meeting with Mr. Trump who earlier in the day had held impromptu news conferences on the margins of his bilateral meetings with the Canadian and French leaders.

Mr. Trudeau chimed in, saying: “He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference.”

“Well, he’s two-faced,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Trudeau. He then added, “Honestly with Trudeau he’s a nice guy,” before suggesting Canada was upset that he had pushed the country to increase military spending.

After Mr. Trump’s comment, Mr. Trudeau said the videotaped conversation focused on what he described as an unscheduled press conference Mr. Trump held before the Canadian leader’s meeting with Mr. Trump. “It was certainly notable,” Mr. Trudeau said.


In recent weeks, Mr. Trump had complained to advisers that he didn’t trust Mr. Macron and suggested that the French president was a “leaker,” according to two administration officials. An aide to Mr. Macron said there was no basis for such a suggestion.

Video Showcase

The WSJ comments that Trump’s aides had planned to use the trip to showcase him on the world stage, busily working despite the impeachment proceeding back home.


I agree with reader Lamlawwindy who commented: "Anything that makes NATO less relevant is fine, IMHO. It's the very definition of an entangling alliance with Europeans that Pres. Washington warned us about."

Now if only Trump would do what he threatened, and get the US out of NATO.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock