Trump Tweets of the Day: GM, France, Crooked Hillary, Obama, McCain, Google


Trump is on a Tweetstorm today on numerous topics. Let's tune in.

New Evidence on Obama

Google Helped China and Crooked Hillary

France and the Environment

McCain Stain

National Emergency


The only ones worth commenting on directly are France and GM. I will cover the former in a separate article.

In regards to the latter, apparently Trump knows how many cars the manufacturers should produce.

This is central planning nonsense at its finest.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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He’s losing it. He knows he’s going to jail.


In Progressivestan, all power, all wealth, all rights, all privilege and all decisions, are the sole domain of The Regime. Either directly, or indirectly, by way of members of its similarly clueless sycophant army, to which The Regime and its central bank occasionally delegate certain privileges; in order to keep up pretenses.

So, if it's not Trump who decides on GMs interior colors directly, it's "courts," "investors," "private equity" hacks and similar rabble. Competent industrialists were debased out of contention, decades ago.


To put out a fire, deprive it of O2. The media and every other caring citizen should stop reporting on Trump's tweets. Just ignore them and him. Report what he actually does, not any of the preamble and show he has turned the presidency into.


Only commenting on France and GM? Can't you devise enough anti-Trump news out of the others?

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