Cause of Recessions

Correct. Loose policies, not tightening cause recessions. The Fed forever chases its tail causing boom bust cycles of increasing amplitude.

Hussman on Employment Contribution to GDP

78 Million Sideline Job Hustles

The Dow


CNBC Analysis


Rosenberg on Pigs ​

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

Here's some interesting Tweets from the elbow bump to long 21-day quarantines to deaths to toilet paper thefts.

Tweets of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here are some Tweets to consider.

Tweets of the Day: Emerging Markets, ECB, the Impossible, Bubbles, Bonds

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Tweets of the Day: Forecasts, Valuations, ECB, Free Speech, Alibaba, China

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Tweet's of the Day: GDP Peaked This Cycle?

Year-over-year GDP growth hit +2.9% on Friday. HedgEye is calling the peak.

Tweets of the Day: Volatility, Mortgage Delinquencies, Iran, Debt

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Mechanics of Absurdity, Negative Yields, and Other Tweets of the Day

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Tweets of the Day: Is Anyone Worrying?

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Tweets of the Day

Here is a collection of interesting Tweets I gathered this morning a few minutes before a plane flight.