Apple Slowdown @htsfhickey

Sad Video Shows Venezuela Hunger Crisis @steve_hanke

Corporate Debt Bomb @DiMartinoBooth

Deutsche Bank Capital Ratios @lisaabramowicz1

Yemen @caitoz


Clinton Foundation Donations Plummet 90% @zerohedge

Gasoline Prices So Low Trump Claims He Causes Traffic Jams

Record Cold Coming Says Trump

Oil Prices

Happy Thanksgiving

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Tweets of the Day: Volatility, Mortgage Delinquencies, Iran, Debt

Here are some tweets, from people I follow, worth discussion consideration. Topics vary widely.

Tweets of the Day: Forecasts, Valuations, ECB, Free Speech, Alibaba, China

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Tweets of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here are some Tweets to consider.

Tweets and Videos of the Day: Facebook, Cash, Trump, Tesla, FANGs

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Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

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Mechanics of Absurdity, Negative Yields, and Other Tweets of the Day

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Tweets of the Day: Chinese Credit, Peak Buybacks, Repos, Snowden, Hillary

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Tweets of the Day

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Weekend Tweets: Keynesian Time Bombs, Emerging Markets, Turkey, Black Swans

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