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I updated my charts from the Covid-19 Project today. Let's have a look.

New York Coronavirus Cases

New York Coronavirus Cases 2020-04-16

US Coronavirus Cases

US Coronavirus Cases 2020-04-16

It was another bad day today in terms of deaths, with 34,475 but the cases and deaths are mostly flat-lining.

Pakistan a New Hot Spot


Trump Issues New Guidelines

As we knew all along as as discussed in Let's Compare Trump 2020 Comments to Nixon Comments in 1977, this is a matter up to the states.

Trump looked very foolish say he and he alone would make the case when states reopen.

Midwest governors of MI, OH, WI, MN, IL, IN Announce Plan

Previous the West coast states did the same, followed by 7 states in the Northeast including Pennsylvania. That settled the fate over Trump's bluster he would make the call.

No Pro Sports in 2020?

Lawsuits Just Getting Started

That was guaranteed to happen given the near universal short-term outlook of corporations.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock