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Tweets of the Day for Weekend Reading: Stocks, Mortgages, Musk, Soft Landing, More

Here's some interesting Tweets I read today. My key Tweet of the day is "No Soft Landing".
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Danielle DiMartino Booth On a Soft Landing, Tweet Video Clip

Danielle DiMartino Booth On a Soft Landing, Tweet Video Clip

Mortgage Payments 

Illinois Gets an "F" in Covid Handling

Bottom in for ARKK?

Understanding the First Amendment

Word of Warning on Macro Analysis

Gab Makes Offer to Elon Musk

Regarding Elon Musk, a friend of mine accurately commented:

The degree to which there is hysteria by Twitter staff and MSN (watch Joy Reid's unhinged response) the degree to which they fear free speech. (BTW MSNBS was a joint venture with Bill Gates' Microsoft -- thus the MS).

The most tone-deaf, unaware commentary appeared in the WaPo which denounces a billionaire from owning media companies from the very pages of the paper owned by Jeff Bezos who very definitely uses that paper to push he preferred narrative. It looks like Twitter might be purchased by Disney or Google which is talking to Twitter management which would only serve to concentrate what was supposed to be a public square for opinion into control by corporations that are part of the woke combine to which Musk is reacting.

Take a look at Gab. The CEO has asked Musk to invest in this and take on Twitter. 

Forget About a Soft Landing 

No Soft Landing Anywhere

Regarding stock and bond market action: "You cannot even call it volatile anymore. You should call it violent. the types of swings we are seeing day to day. That's because there is so much uncertainty about what the outcome of this is going to be. But I think that anybody who suggests the Fed can engineer a soft landing at this point, that any central bank right now can engineer a soft landing, Europe is going into recession quicker than the United states is. I think it's just specious, just disingenuous."

In retrospect, I agree with the sentiment expressed in all of the Tweets with the possible exception of Gab which I have look looked into. 

I do agree with the sentiment expressed by my friend.

This is an important issue, especially in regards to the the radical left hypocrisy in which it is OK for Amazon creator Jeff Bezos to control the Washington Post but not OK for Musk to allow more (not less) freedom of thought on Twitter.

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Media Thought Control

Mainstream media does not want freedom of thought.

For more on Musk, please see MSNBC “Elon is trying to control how people think. That is our job”

Danielle DiMartino Booth, Michael Norinsberg, and Stanphyl Capital provide the key stock market related thoughts.

Booth gets the blue ribbon for Tweet of the day.

Trucking Recession is Already Here 

In related content please see MishTalk TV with the CEO of FreightWaves: Trucking Recession or the Real Deal?

A trucking recession is here says FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller

A US and global recession will follow. See the above link for my video interview of Craig Fuller.

This post originated at MishTalk.Com.

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