Tweets of the Day: FP Insanity, Tesla, Oil Boom Fraud, Equities Sanity Check


Interesting Tweets: Ron Paul on foreign policy insanity, Tesla, Emerging Markets, BOJ ETF Ownership, Stock Sanity Check

Oil Boom Fraud

Ron Paul on US Foreign Policy Insanity

Tesla Delivery Center

Tesla Delivery Time

Tesla Bulls Throw in the Towel

Macron's Approval Rating

Bank of Japan's EFT Ownership

Russell Sanity Check

Emerging Market Land

Mike "Mish" Shedloclk

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Good stuff that definitely won't get the attention it deserves from the msm. That Japanese central bank ownership of ETFs stat is beyond absurd. Having governments ruin any chance for price discovery and risk determination just isn't going to be viable long term. That ETF stat leaves me wondering, "when does a market cease to be a market?" We appear to have a Franken-engineered system that has the illusion of a market, some of the participation and characteristics of a market, but something that definitely isn't a market.


That Japan situation is just mind-blowing.

Swiss Central bank has also bought stocks all over Europe to put the Swiss francs to work that they have conjured out of thin air to keep the Swiss franc low enough so Swiss industry is competitive.


There should be 100 Ron Pauls in US politics. Unfortunately there is only one. Ron Paul is right on US foreign policy.

However Ron Paul is wrong to love gold that much and propose that as alternative to the current system. Also Ron's son Rand Paul does NOT see the reasons for the insanely expensive US healthcare and therefore has not put up a working plan to fix it.


America's first war was against muslim pirates taking American sailors as slaves in the Mediterranean.

"To the shores of Tripoli..."

Not one overseas American base. Not one American soldier in muslim occupied lands. Not on American bomb dropped.

Yet America's first war.

Islam has not changed in 1600 years. Only goofy western leaders and bloggers who have zero logical and historical understanding have changed.

Like why haven't super rich Arab countries taken a single Muslim refugees even when involved in conflict all around the region?

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