Nobody Worried Yet

Retail Sales

Weak Home Sales Everywhere But Florida


Bank of Japan’s Hoard of Assets Is Now Bigger Than the Economy

Starbucks Slashes 5% of Workforce

Those are excellent Tweets that caught my eye from @dlacalle_IA@GoldTelegraph_@EconguyRosie and @LizAnnSonders.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Tweets of the Day: Economy, Saudi Arabia, Tesla, Taxes, Russiagate, Italy, Japan

Please consider some Tweets that caught my eye this week on a variety of subjects.

Tweets of the Day: Happy 4th of July, Tax Freedom Day, Tesla, Bonds, Yuan, S&P

Happy Independence Day. Here is a collection of Tweets that caught my eye.

Tweets of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here are some Tweets to consider.

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Here are some tweets that caught my attention this past week that I did not write about. The ideas merit thinking about.

Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

Here's some interesting Tweets from the elbow bump to long 21-day quarantines to deaths to toilet paper thefts.

Tweets of the Day: Emerging Markets, ECB, the Impossible, Bubbles, Bonds

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Tweets of the Day: Fear has Left the Building

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Mechanics of Absurdity, Negative Yields, and Other Tweets of the Day

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Tweets of the Day: Volatility, Mortgage Delinquencies, Iran, Debt

Here are some tweets, from people I follow, worth discussion consideration. Topics vary widely.