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WA Governor Fears 64,000 Cases

NY Lockdown

Massachusetts Emergency

Comparisons to Italy

2000 Aircraft Grounded

Trump Proposes Energy Bailout

Hey, let's bailout companies loaded with debt and leveraged to oil.

Instant Recession

CNBC notes Italy expands its quarantine to the entire country as coronavirus cases and deaths surge


Italy will expand the lockdown of the Lombardy region to the entire country, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said Monday as Italy’s case count surged, making it the country with the most COVID-19 cases outside of China.

People throughout the country of 60 million should not travel other than for work or emergencies, Conte said. He added that all public gatherings will be banned and sporting events suspended. The decision was made to protect the most vulnerable people in the country, he said, and the measures will take effect Tuesday and last until April 3.

“The right decision today is to stay at home,” Conte said. “Our future and the future of Italy is in our hands. These hands have to be more responsible today than ever before.”

Italy Plans Debt Moratorium

The Wall Street Journal reports Italy Plans Debt Moratorium to Cope With Coronavirus Lockdown

Italy is planning to introduce a large-scale moratorium on debt repayments, including mortgages, to help families and businesses cope with the coronavirus outbreak.

The announcement, made by Italy’s Deputy Economy Minister Laura Castelli in a radio interview, follows the government’s decision Monday to lock down the entire country. Economists expect the shutdown to lead to a sharp economic slowdown.

Relieving consumers and business from paying back debt could cushion the economy but complicates how Italy’s fragile banking system copes with the loss of revenue.

Italian banks have long been seen as a weak link in the European financial system. Stuffed with bad loans and suffering under an anemic economy, several have failed or been combined in the wake of last decade’s Europe-wide sovereign debt crisis.

Italy is in recession already, but if it wasn't these events would surely trigger one.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

China Locks Down 7 Cities as Deadly Virus Spreads

China has locked down seven cities, including Wuhan, to try to contain a fast-spreading coronavirus.

Half the Population of China, 760 Million, Now Locked Down

In China, 760M people are locked down. Apple just issued a warning. In Japan, there is a sudden spike coronavirus cases.

Italy Quarantines Over 25% of the Population, Trump Not Concerned

The Italian lockdown escalates. Over a quarter of Italy is quarantined. Trump is unconcerned.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day: It's Damn Ugly

4-6 weeks of hell; Ventilator rationing takes 1st US life; Dr Fauci seeks national lockdown. Dr Birx says data missing.

Italy Heads for 2nd Lost Decade, Entire Eurozone on Verge of Contraction

Italy's GDP is still below the 2008 level. PMIs from Germany and Italy show the entire eurozone on verge of contraction.

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day

As expected, an increased number of tests in the West led to an increased number of cases in the US and elsewhere.

RI National Guard Goes Door-to-Door Looking for New Yorkers

The national guard in Rhode Islands is doing door-to-door searches for travellers to NY and should be quarantined.

Coronavirus Global Update and Tweets of the Day

People in 5 States with 23% of the US are under stay home orders as the number of cases jumps 25% in a day.

Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

Here's some interesting Tweets from the elbow bump to long 21-day quarantines to deaths to toilet paper thefts.