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Tweets of the Day: Leading Indicators, Supply Apocalypse, Omicron, Inflation

Here are some of my favorite Tweets this morning on a wide variety of topics.
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Conference Board LEI 2021-11-27

Leading Indicator of Recessions

"Large deviations of the Leading Economic index from the Coincident index have been a good leading indicator of #recessions. Watch for the LEI to begin to contract for a signal."

Supply Apocalypse 

"The supply apocalypse is over. Omicron won't change that."

Omicron Most Cases Aren't Serious

The Draft? 

We don't want it or need it. 

Global Delivery Times

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German Inflation 

"OOPS! Germany's #inflation surges to 5.2% in Nov, highest since June 1992, exceeding 5% estimate. CPI EU harmonized (HICP) jumped 6% in Nov."

Tulsi on Build Back Better

"Commonsense tells us that dumping trillions more dollars into the economy right now (via BBB) will make the inflation crisis worse, and we certainly don’t need 87,000 more IRS agents harassing regular folks."

Tulsi for President?

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