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Another Trump Home Run

Trump stepped up to the media plate again today and smashed another home run on insensitivity, narcissism, and incompetence.

During the tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters, Trump was asked by a reporter what measures he was considering to help offset the widespread economic and social impacts of the crisis.

Trump compared the coronavirus to the flu then continued: “As of the time I left the plane with you we had 240 cases, that’s at least what was on a very fine network known as Fox News, don’t you love it? That’s what I happened to be watching and, how was the show last night? Did it get good ratings by the way?” he asked as he turned to a Fox reporter. “I don’t know,” the reporter responded. “Oh really, I heard it broke all ratings records, but maybe that’s wrong.”

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Question of the Day

Is breaking media records a good thing or does it show people are scared to death and hoping for answers (they clearly did not get)?

Mike "Mish" Shedlock