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Important Thread by Sketchy Lady on CDC Blatant Incompetence

Tweet Header from Sketchy Lady@into_the_brush

  1. I live in Seattle, I have all symptoms of COVID-19 and have a history of chronic bronchitis. Since I work in a physical therapy clinic with many 65+ patients and those with chronic illnesses, I decided to be responsible and go to get tested. This is how that went.
  2. I called the Corona hotline, was on hold for 40 minutes and gave up. So I looked at the CDC and Washington public health websites. They told me to see a primary care doctor, but there's no information about testing.
  3. I called 2 primary care doctors. One told me they don't know where to get testing, and that I should not to seek out testing. The other one told me to go to an urgent care or ER. I called the Urgent Care, they also had no idea where tests are, but told me to call the hospital.
  4. I called the hospital. They do not have tests, but transferred me to the COVID-19 hotline to "answer my questions". Since I was transferred on a medical provider line, I actually got through. Progress!
  5. The lady with the hotline was very kind and professional and understood my concern about my own health and those at my clinic. (Which is currently being sanitized). However, I was told I do not qualify for testing. And I was not given a timeline or info on current resources.
  6. So. Who does qualify? Those who have been out of the country in the last 14 days, and those who have had contact with one of the few people who have been tested and come up positive. That's it.
  7. This is all incredibly frustrating because I am trying to do everything right in a system that punishes moments of "weakness" like taking days off. It's also scary to know that I won't be able to get help until I need life support.
  8. To sum up: this is not contained. No one knows what the fuck is happening. I can't work. WASH YOUR F**KING HANDS.
  9. Ah f*ck! Didn't realize there was a hashtag just for lil ol' me! Check out above thread ️ CoronaVirusSeattle
  10. Since this is getting attention. COVID-19 HOTLINE: 1-800-525-0127 DON'T CALL unless you are experiencing all symptoms or have been exposed to a case. Leave the lines open to people who need it most. Any other questions can be answered on the CDC, WHO, or WA public health sites.

The above Tweet chain is all you need to see to understand the CDC and FDA are run by idiots.

Why can't hospitals decide on their own who to test?

This is blatantly idiotic.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock