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  • 10 new cases in Italy. 10 towns, 30,000 people, placed in precautionary voluntary quarantine. Schools, workplaces, municipal and private offices, coffee shops, and public places closed in the affected towns at least until Sunday. New cases include:
  • 7 new cases in the United States from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, in addition to the 11 previously confirmed, for a total of 18 from the ship.
  • 2 new cases in the United Arab Emirates: contacts of a previous case.
  • 2 new cases in Australia: two Queenslanders women, aged 54 and 55, who had been evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  • 1 new case in Singapore.
  • 48 new cases in South Korea, bringing the total to 204. "Currently, the COVID-19 situation at home is that the scope of mass outbreak via a single exposure is relatively big," KCDC Director Jung Eun-kyeong said in a statement.
  • 1 new case in the United States (Humboldt County, in Northern California). A close contact who has symptoms is being tested as well. They are both "doing well" and self-isolating at home.

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Johns Hopkins Update

Johns Hopkins provided this Email update.

EPI UPDATES The Chinese National Health Commission reported 889 new cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 75,465 cases. There have been 2,236 deaths and 18,264 people discharged. Of the 48,730 confirmed cases in Wuhan, 10,997 cases are in serious condition. There are 5,206 suspected cases and 120,302 contacts of confirmed cases are under medical observation.

There 258 confirmed cases connected to two Chinese prisons, one in Shandong and the other in Zhejiang. In response, 7 prison officials have been removed from their duties due to their lack of implementation of infection control measures.

Testing Kits

One of the reasons cases are way under-reported is lack of test kits.

Let's see how the US is doing.

Only Three US States Prepared


FBI Preparing

South Korea Testing

US vs South Korea

Yet Another Reporting Change in China

No one believes their stats.

Missed Cases

Iran Cases

Car Sales

Airline Impact

Supply Chain Blow

What a mess to put things mildly.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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