Trump Bear Timing

Reflection on US Meddling in Iran

Mortgage Delinquencies

Hedgeye Cartoon

Bitcoin - Two Parts



Hussman on Valuation - Three Parts

Reflections on Central Bank Sponsored Debt

Plenty here to think about and discuss. My favorite in the group is from Daniel Lacalle.

Central banks have blown yet another bubble. Nearly everyone gives Janet Yellen high marks for "steering" the economy after the great recession.

Unfortunately, she steered the economy to the edge of a cliff. In reality, the economy cannot be steered like a truck, and it is foolish to try.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Tweets of the Day: Apple, Venezuela, Foxconn, Corporate Debt Bomb, Trump

Here are a few tweets from some Twitter profiles that I follow. Various topics.

Tweets of the Day: Chinese Credit, Peak Buybacks, Repos, Snowden, Hillary

Here are some of the interesting Tweets that I came across today on widely varied topics.

Mechanics of Absurdity, Negative Yields, and Other Tweets of the Day

Here are some interesting Tweets that discuss negative yields, the threat of Trump, debt financing, and other topics.

Tweets of the Day: Credit Cards, Eurozone, Earnings, Demographics, Treasuries

Here's another hodgepodge of Tweets by people I follow. There's plenty to think about.

Tweets of the Day: Forecasts, Valuations, ECB, Free Speech, Alibaba, China

I pick up many ideas off Twitter, some by following people I seldom agree with. Here are some recent Tweets to ponder.

Tweets of the Day: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Here are some Tweets to consider.

Tweets of the Day: Is Anyone Worrying?

Here are some Tweets that caught my eye over the past week on retail sales, bank assets, home sales, and coffee.

Coronavirus Tweets of the Day

Here's some interesting Tweets from the elbow bump to long 21-day quarantines to deaths to toilet paper thefts.

Tweets of the Day

Here is a collection of interesting Tweets I gathered this morning a few minutes before a plane flight.