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Tweets Worth Noting Including "Hoot of the Day" Candidates But No Time to Write Them Up

Let's discuss oil, cryptos, Russia, gasoline prices, the ruble, Hillary, hungry babies, electricity prices, the Fed, and the top idea of the day regarding stock market capitulation.
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This will unwind in waves

Biden on Gasoline Prices 

Amazing doublespeak, acting against higher prices but welcoming them. That's worth a hoot. 

Ruble Too Strong, Putin Takes Action

Recall Biden bragging about the collapsing ruble. The next Tweet ties it all together.

Russia has the money pouring in thanks to sanctions. What a hoot. 

Electricity Shock 

I bet we have one in California later this year.

Thoughts on Bitcoin 

"The only thing it’s so far improved on is the ability to launder cash and transfer money as part of other illegal activities."

Correct, but there will be plenty of uses of the underlying technology. Yet, that does not make Bitcoin itself a guaranteed winner.

Hungry Babies and Free Markets 

Pete Buttigieg is another one deserving a "Hoot of the Day", but no time to write it up.

Price Gouging Prevention Act 

Price Gouging Prevention Act. What a hoot. Supply Reduction and Inflation Act of 2022 is more like it.  

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Powell Knows Bernanke is Right

Danielle is correct, of course. She also knows Bernanke is a hypocrite and in no position to criticize anyone.  

Risk Free Cryptos

Cathie Wood is perpetually a Hoot candidate.

Diamond Hands 

Hillary Clinton Approves Russia Lie

Hillary provides another hoot.

A Word About Capitulation

Top Idea of the Day

This unwind is going to take more than one wave. Moreover, there will be bottom calls all the way, even from bears. 

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