Tempe police are investigating a fatal crash between a self-driving Uber car and a pedestrian.

Tempe Police says the vehicle was in autonomous mode at the time of the crash and a vehicle operator was also behind the wheel. No passengers were in the vehicle at the time.

Uber has paused self-driving operations in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto, which is a standard move, the company says.

Bloomberg notes the woman was crossing the road outside of a crosswalk when the Uber vehicle, operating in autonomous mode under the supervision of a human safety driver, struck her, according to the Tempe Police Department.

Bicyclist or Pedestrian?

Several stories say a bicyclist was killed, others say a pedestrian. It may have been a pedestrian walking a bicycle.


Here's the answer.

The fact remains that driverless cars have a better safety record than human-driven cars. Also, recall there was a safety driver behind the wheel who could have but didn't take over.

Had this not involved an autonomous car, this would not be in any news.

These Tweets are from people who have the correct attitude.

This was bound to happen at some point and it is hardly surprising that Uber is the company. However, It's highly likely no one is to blame but the woman stepping in front of a car.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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