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Riots that have been underway for four days now following the death of George Floyd. He was pinned down by a Minneapolis police officer with a knee in his neck. 

Derek Chauvin Charged With Murder

The WSJ reports Ex-Officer Derek Chauvin Charged With Murder in George Floyd’s Death

It's ex-officer Chauvin because he was fired. The Hennepin County Attorney is investigating the other three officers involved. They stood by and did nothing. 

Riots ensued in the wake of the death have since spread to other cities. 

Yesterday I reported Protesters Attack CNN, Smash Cars in Atlanta and LA.

Things turned even uglier today. 

College Football Hall of Fame

Fires in Downtown Atlanta

Shoot the F...

Secret Service Outside the White House

New York Police Officers Protect Barclays Center

Barclays Center

NYPD Van on Fire

NYPD Van on Fire

15 Cities

New York Officer Forcibly Shoves Woman to the Ground

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A New York Police officer shoved a woman to the ground and called he a "Stupid Fng B". she ended up in the hospital. 

It is unclear whether the woman was backing away from the officer or moving towards him.

But in the wake of four days of rioting over clear excessive use of force in the death of George Floyd, there is no excuse for this kind of response. 

Officer Allegedly Identified

Pathetic Responses

There is plenty of support for the officer on Twitter. One person called the woman shoved to the ground "a thug". 

Good grief.

The police officer's actions and the support for it will further escalate tensions. 

Perhaps that's what some want.

Trump Threatens Action

Is that supposed to help or is it supposed to incite further violence? 

Killer Mike Speech

I encourage you to play that video, all 8 minutes.

Good Message Bad Shirt

I was almost in tears over some of this, especially the insensitivity of the NYPD officer in one of the videos. 

Killer Mike's message is correct. His shirt is not. "Kill Your Masters" incites the very violence he rails against.

Everyone needs to walk this back.