I watched the debate after it was over.

You can watch the debate by delay on ITV.

Halfway Notes I Sent to a Friend

  1. I am watching the debate on a delay. I am about halfway through. There is hardly anything to crow about.
  2. Both side will likely claim victory but I see little reason for any minds to change here.
  3. The key thing for me is Johnson looks happy and smiling. Corbyn looks miserable, if that matters.

Finished watching the entire debate.

Accurate Summation

Also to the Point


There was a ton of partisan clapping after every answer. They should disallow this.


People are going to believe their guy won nearly all of the time.

But Corbyn is in a huge hole. Who did he sway?


Referendum on Corbyn

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As noted yesterday, Fear of Corbyn Outweighs Fear of Brexit

Take a look at the snap survey following the debate.

Who looks more like a Prime Minister?

Who is more likeable?

Give a small win to Corbyn on trust.

Corbyn won on "being in touch with ordinary people" but will that translate into votes?

For the entire debate, Corbyn looked like a big sourpuss. I do not know if that matters, but perhaps it filtered through in the "likeable" question.

Pick the Winner

Pick your own winner but make sure it does not reflect your bias. I will call this a tie.

But Corbyn needed far better than that.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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