by Mish

He accurately explained the beauty of Amazon in scribbled writing that would easily fit on a napkin.

John Tan Email

Hey Mish,
I hope you have had a great Tuesday! I recently came across your blog and it’s great! I have a passion for economics and anything related to business and finance.
I recently started a blogging website myself. It’s run by me and some of my friends at school. It would be great if you could check some out of my blogs and articles. Any feedback and advice from a professional like you would be greatly appreciated!
John Tan

Mish Comments

I get requests every week asking me if I accept paid articles. I don’t.

I get even more requests along the lines of “I will write articles that you like, just tell me what you want.”

I do not hand out assignments and I usually do not even bother responding.

That’s just the beginning. Most of the requests are infomercial requests from people that clearly have never even bothered to read my blog.

The email from John Tan was a refreshing change of pace.

Inquiring minds may wish to tune into his blog or check out his article: The Power of Amazon.

John, I wish you the best. You will go far. I like your enthusiasm and unique style. Just keep at it. Write something at least several times a week. Daily would be even better.

Cheers and best wishes.

Mike “Mish” Shedlock

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