October 15 or 'Move On' 

The UK left the EU on January 31. The terms of Brexit allowed for a temporary deal, a complete package with a framework, or a WTO fallback deal frequently described as "hard Brexit". 

The UK and EU have until the end of this year to do something or a WTO hard Brexit kicks in.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is fed up with EU demands on fishing rights, immigration, and state aid.

Today, Johnson laid it on the line. His latest stance is October 15 or 'Move On' 

“If we can’t agree by then, then I do not see that there will be a free trade agreement between us, and we should both accept that and move on,” he will say, according to comments released by his office.  

If no deal is agreed, Britain would have a trading relationship with the bloc like Australia’s, which would be “a good outcome”, Johnson will say.

“As a government we are preparing, at our borders and at our ports, to be ready for it,” he will say. “We will have full control over our laws, our rules, and our fishing waters.”

EU Overestimates Its Hand, Again and Again

Once again the EU overestimated its hand.


The EU never thought the referendum would pass. When it did pass the EU never thought that the UK would actually leave or if it did, then leaving would be EU terms.

Even after the landslide election, the EU was sure Johnson would not walk away, because it was 27 nations vs. 1 and supposedly 27 nations have the advantage.

Lesson of the Day

When 27 nations have to agree to something to get it  done, guess what? It doesn't get done.

Either the EU bends on fishing rights and other rule changes or the UK walks.

The UK needs to get as far away from the EU nannycrats as possible. 

There is still time for a deal, but but it will not be the one-sided affair envisioned by the EU.

Kudos to Boris Johnson for his stance.


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