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In the four recessions between 1970 and 1982 unemployment was a coincident indicator, starting to rise with the recession and pretty much peaking as the economy was just starting to recover. In no instances was unemployment a leading indicator.

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Those expecting some sort of huge advance warning in unemployment stats in advance of the next recession are unlikely to find it.

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Foolproof Recession Indicators

Economist Paul Kasriel at the Northern Trust has come up with a recession indicator that has called six consecutive recessions with no misses and no false positives dating back to 1962.

Consumer Confidence Strongest Since December 2000: A Strong Contrarian Indicator?

Consumer Sentiment and Consumer Confidence are similar measures by two different organizations. The former is from the University of Michigan, the latter is by the Conference Board.

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Further adding to the evidence of a huge US slowdown, a Dow Jones Sentiment Indicator says Return to a Recession is a Real Risk

Leading Economic Indicators: More Soft Data Silliness

The index of leading economic indicators rose by 0.4% beating the Econoday Consensus estimate of 0.2%.

Bitcoin: A Leading Stock Market Indicator

Bitcoin is useless as a payment mechanism. It is not a store of value despite such promotion. Tom McClellan found a use.

Coincident Economic Indicators: History Suggests Recession is Close

The Philadelphia Fed's coincident economic activity index suggests the economy is close to recession.

Joke of the Day: Leading Economic Indicators Rise

The Conference Board says leading economic indicators for the US are still increasing.

Metro Area Unemployment: Which States Are in Reverse? Spotlight Illinois

The US unemployment rate is 4.4% but unemployment varies widely among the nation’s 388 metro areas.

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On September 30, I posted some charts of Real Gross Domestic Income and Real Gross Private Domestic Investment.