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US Cases Rose by Nearly 14,000

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Stats from Worldometers.

More realistically, the number of cases rose because testing rose. Regardless, the caseload will soon be over 100,000.

News of the Day

  • 2442 new cases and 9 new deaths in Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel in quarantine at home after a doctor who gave her prophylactic vaccinations on Friday has tested positive for the coronavirus
  • India puts 75 districts in lockdown with only essential services open
  • 1028 new cases and 129 new deaths in Iran
  • 573 new cases and 43 new deaths in the Netherlands

Germany Bans Groups Over 2

The New York Times reports Germany Bans Groups of More Than 2 to Stop Coronavirus as Merkel Self-Isolates

Germany on Sunday barred groups of more than two people from gathering, except for families, as Chancellor Angela Merkel said she herself was going into isolation because her doctor had tested positive for the coronavirus. .

The doctor vaccinated Ms. Merkel against pneumonia on Friday, the chancellor’s office said.positive for the coronavirus.

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“We are further reducing public life and social contact and ensuring that the measures will be nationwide,” the chancellor said. “Everyone should organize their movements according to these regulations.”

Under the new restrictions, restaurants, which were previously allowed to seat customers during the day at a safe distance from each other, will be allowed to stay open but provide only delivery and takeout services. Hairdressers, massage studios and tattoo parlors must now close their doors.

There have also been reports of “corona parties” held by youths in different corners of Germany, causing alarm among the authorities in a country better known for adhering to rules. Some parties, where youths in large groups drank alcohol and chanted, “Corona, corona,” had to be broken up by the police.

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