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US Hypocrisy on Display

Once again the US is meddling in the internal affairs of other counties while going on a hissy fit when any country does that to us.

Please consider [U.S. House Passes Bill Aimed at Supporting Hong Kong Protests](U.S. House Passes Bill Aimed at Supporting Hong Kong Protests)

The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act is one of four measures passed by the House Tuesday in unanimous voice votes. The bill provides for sanctions against officials “responsible for undermining fundamental freedoms and autonomy in Hong Kong.”

“Human rights and freedoms in Hong Kong are fully protected by the Basic Law, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance and other legislation. The HKSAR government attaches great importance to them and is determined to safeguard them,” the spokesman said, referring to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

The Chinese government opposes the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, H.R. 3289, saying that it “grossly interferes in China’s internal affairs.”

“China strongly urges certain people in the U.S. Congress to grasp the situation, immediately stop advancing the bill regarding Hong Kong and interfering in Hong Kong’s affairs to avoid further damaging China-U.S. relations,” said Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Imagine the outrage if China, the EU, or Japan passed a bill condemning US drone policy, US involvement in Afghanistan, or any other well-deserved criticism of the US.

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We would tell them to butt out.

Yet, the US feels free to butt into the affairs of every other country in the world.

US meddling

History shows that US meddling created problems in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, Afghanistan, and Vietnam for starters.

Individual expression is one thing, and I support that.

But official US meddling is counterproductive.

It's very disappointing that the bill passed unanimously. Can't anyone think?

Trump should veto this legislation if the Senate is foolish enough to go along.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock