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On an absolute number basis, the number of available units is still low.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

PPI Declines First Time Since August 2016

Producer prices unexpectedly declined in December. Trade services fell a steep 0.6 percent.

Mortgage Rates Highest Since Early 2011: Fed Could Push US Into Recession

The 15-year average mortgage rate is 4.22%. The 30-year rate is 4.72%. These are the highest rates since early 2011.

GDP a strong 4.1%, Saving Rate Revised Much Higher, Talk of Overheating

The BEA released the 2nd Quarter 2018 GDP (Advance Estimate) including a Comprehensive Update: 1929 Through 2018 Q1.

Unemployment Rate Jumps to 4.4% But Worst is Yet to Come

The unemployment rate jumped to 4.4% in March, but the stat is more than a bit misleading. Things will get much worse.

Wages and benefits Surged 0.8 Percent in the First Quarter, Most in a Decade

Employment costs are on the rise. Wages rose 0.9% and benefits rose 0.7% in the first quarter.

Global Coronavirus Cases Jump 50% Overnight, 5 Now in US

There are now over 2,000 confirmed cases with 5 in the US. This is a lowball estimate, perhaps by a factor of 10.

Effective Fed Funds Rates Jumps to Highest All Year

The effective Fed Fund Rate jumped today, but what does it mean?

"This Isn't a Drill" Mortgage Rates Hit Highest Level Since May 2014

A housing bust may be just around the corner. Rates have climbed to a level last seen in May of 2014.

US Output Drops at Fastest Rate in a Decade

The US in caught in an enormous economic downturn that will be the worst in history.