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Virginia Governor Election Will Be Decided on Critical Race Theory and Education

There is not an official CRT curriculum in Virginia. However, the documents and actions speak for themselves.
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Polls a Dead Heat 

The polls in the Virginia Gubernatorial race are now a dead heart. Incumbent Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe had a commanding 7-point lead in August.

What Happened?

At a September 28 debate, Mr. McAuliffe bluntly declared: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.

Youngkin took that pitch and ran with it. He promises more accountability, more charter schools, and an end to critical-race indoctrination.

Taken Out of Context?

I have seen short clips of that single sentence. To decide whether McAuliffe was taken out of context here is the full debate.

For the full Q&A on education, start playing at about the 26:39 mark to the 30:08 mark. 

I fail to see how “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach,” is out of context.

What About Critical Race Theory?

The Washington Post says "critical race theory, an academic concept, is not included in Virginia public school curriculums."

Fox News says documents show Virginia District Spent $34K on Critical Race Theory Coaching for Administrators.

Newly unveiled documents from Virginia's Loudoun County Public Schools show the district paid more than $34,000 for 55 hours of critical race theory coaching last year and slides contrasting "White Individualism" with "Color Group Collectivism."

The documents, obtained through a freedom of information request from a Loudoun parent, show a framework for "culturally responsive" teaching from the Equity Collaborative, an equity consulting firm that offers courses on critical race theory.

The district has maintained that it does not teach critical race theory in the classroom for any of its students, and LCPS spokesman Wayde Bayard told Fox News the newly unveiled documents were shown to "a small group of Loudoun County Public Schools administrators as part of a training on the various schools of thought involved in equity work."

Technically, the position of WaPo and Fox News are not mutually exclusive. Teaching educators is not the same as teaching kids. 

However, it should not be hard to read between the lines as to what is happening. 

McAuliffe CRT Lie

Embrace Critical Race Theory1
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In 2015, McAuliffe instructed his Department of Education to "embrace critical race theory" in order to "re-engineer attitudes and belief systems."

In 2019, the State Superintendent sent a memo to all school districts directly promoting critical race theory, calling it “an important analytic tool” for addressing “power and privilege” in schools.

Virginia Voters vs. Leftist Agenda

Please consider Virginia Voters vs. Leftist Agenda.

When it started, the Virginia gubernatorial race looked as if it would be a strictly local affair with little national meaning. Then all hell broke loose. 

The change began in unlikely fashion — with parent complaints over critical race theory and other far-left approaches in schools in Loudoun County, a suburban Democratic stronghold in the northern part of the state. That was followed in quick succession by an enormous McAuliffe blunder and a heavy-handed threat by the Biden Justice Department against dissenting parents. 

In Tuesday’s poll, when asked who should have more of an influence on a school’s curriculum, 49.8 percent sided with parents compared with 38.8 percent who said school boards.

That finding also reflects the fallout of a well-known Loudoun school-board meeting in June when a father, Scott Smith, began berating board members, saying his daughter had been raped in a girl’s restroom by a boy identifying as a girl and that the school had covered it up.

Smith was dragged to the ground and arrested by police — and the left, including much of the media, mocked him as a nut.

But we know now Smith was right in both of his charges. First an e-mail surfaced showing the superintendent of schools telling board members about the restroom assault even though he had said publicly “the predator transgender student or person simply does not exist,” and that “we don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

Then, on Monday, a family court judge found the teen guilty of the restroom assault. The boy, who was said to be wearing a skirt, was allowed in the restroom because of a Loudoun policy that lets students use the restroom that matches their gender identity, a policy that is also fueling parent anger. It turns out the boy is also charged with a second sexual attack, in another high school in the same county.

That alarm was sounded again when Barack Obama campaigned for McAuliffe over the weekend and defended school boards while blasting parent attacks. “We don’t have time to be wasting on these phony, trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage that right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings,” the former president said. 

Glenn Youngkin Says He'd Ban Critical Race Theory

Newsweek reports Glenn Youngkin Targets Education in Virginia Gov. Race, Says He'd Ban Critical Race Theory

"We all know education starts with curriculum," Youngkin told supporters at the rally. "So let me be clear: we will teach accelerated math, we will award advanced diplomas and we will teach all history, the good and the bad."

"Dr. Martin Luther King implored us to judge one another based on the content of our character and not the color of our skin," Youngkin said. "And therefore, on day one, I will ban critical race theory in our schools."

At a roundtable earlier this month, Youngkin's opponent, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe was asked to define critical race theory. He refused, saying it was not taught in Virginia schools and that the issue was a "dog whistle" being used to divide people.

Dog Whistle?

That kind of comment is not going to do McAuliffe any good. 

Nor is the fact that administrators and teachers are taught CRT nonsense and instructed to "engage in race-conscious teaching".

Supposedly CRT is not "taught" because it's not part of the curriculum. Instead, it's crammed down kids throats by methods. 

Not Just Virginia 

And it's not just Virginia. School boards are under attack all over the country.

Watch Black Father Blast Critical Race Theory At Board Meeting In Viral Video.

Politicians lie, Left and Right. That's what they do. And I call them out for it. That's what I do. 

There is not an official CRT curriculum in Virginia. However, the documents and actions speak for themselves. 

CRT indoctrination is official policy in Virginia.