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Check out the favorable ratings on the ten senators above according to Morning Consult's Midterm Wave Watcher.

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Congratulations to Jon Tester whose 51% approval rating tops the charts.

Democrat Claire McCaskill and Republican Dean Heller are the least-approved candidates at a mere 38% each.

Curiously, despite 9 unhappy ratings, voters only want change in 3 elections, and even then, only by small margins.

This seemingly unlikely state of affairs is no doubt due to the fact that while no one likes any of the candidates other than Tester, they like their opponents even less.

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We prefer the clown we've got to the other clown.


The three exceptions are Democrat Bill Nelson (FL), Democrat Claire McCaskill (MO), and Republican Dean Heller (NV).

Voters are so dissatisfied with that trio they actually want change.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock