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A WSJ op-ed by Cenk Uygurs claims Democrats Should Unify Behind AOC, Not Pelosi.

Despite AOC's preposterous $78 trillion proposal to save the world from global warming in 12 years claim, one can arguably make a demographic case for it.

However, the subtitle has a pure fake news quality.

Fake News: "Voters Want Impeachment and a Progressive Policy Agenda".

That's the WSJ's actual subtitle.

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Mueller's Testimony

Hello Uygurs. Can you read?

Even that bastion of liberalism known as the Washington Post understands Mueller’s Testimony Crystallized Public Opinion Against Impeachment.

​WSJ Poll on Impeachment

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Only 39% of Democrats Support Impeachment

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Not Even Progressives Support Impeachment

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The above images from Support for impeachment falls as 2020 heats up.

Who's to Blame?

Does one blame the writer or does one blame the WSJ for publishing obvious manure under the guise of opinions?

Uygurs is entitled to his preposterous opinions. Opinions are just that.

But the subtitle "Voters Want Impeachment and a Progressive Policy Agenda" is fake news the WSJ is willing to publish for whatever reason.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock