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In response to a clear false flag event in which Assad is alleged to have gassed his own people, unthinking fools on the left and right want Trump to do something.

Guradig writer Matthew d'Ancona moans Don’t Expect the West to Act on Syria’s Latest Horror.

Conscience has become the mayfly of our era: here today, gone tomorrow. For the moment, the world is transfixed by the horrific images from Douma, near the Syrian capital, Damascus. Dozens have died, and hundreds lie injured after what was quite clearly a chemical weapon attack.

Dead children, their mouths flecked with foam, chide us through our screens. Condemnation, calls for action, a global spasm of what Martin Amis calls “species shame”: the pattern of response to the long Syrian catastrophe has become almost ritualised.

Another Rush to Judgement

Fools like d'Ancona demand action, with no evidence as to who did what.

And curiously, this attack happened right as Trump announced he was pulling out of Syria.


Who needs evidence? Warmongers don't need no stinkin evidence. On the rare occasions they decide evidence is necessary, they make it up or plant a false flag.

War Cries

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Media Misses the Point

Before jumping the gun, please consider Another Chemical Attack In Syria: But Why Is The Corporate Media Missing Crucial Points?

The Syrian Army in a little more than a month liberated over 90% of the East Ghouta pocket with ease, so why at the final hurdle with every advantage in their favor, would they resort to chemical weapons. The corporate media portrays the Syrian authorities as acting irrationally without thought to consequences, but rather, there has been many examples where Syria could have deployed such weapons to preserve their own soldiers, but has opted not to and risked further casualties to ensure that civilians face minimal harm in any operation.

We must also question why the Syrian air force never put their alarm systems on red alert if they had conducted such an attack. US President Donald Trump has proven he is willing to conduct missile attacks against the Syrian military when mere accusations that it conducted chemical weapon attacks has occurred as the the raid on the Shayrat Airbase on April 6, 2017 just days after the Khan Sheikhoun incident demonstrates. This would be a careless move by the Syrian government, especially just days after Trump announced he wants to withdraw the US military from Syria.

It is known the deep state of the US does not want a military withdrawal from Syria; such an incident could force Trump to stay in Syria despite his openness that he does not want this.

In addition, we must also question why these attacks always seem to kill women and children and never terrorists. The Syrian military takes every precaution that civilians are not killed, so much so that the Syrian government for weeks has been trying to bring a peaceful resolution to Duma, even allowing terrorists to take up amnesty with zero repercussions for their crimes or to be transported to another part of Syria with guaranteed safety, just as their allies in Harasta and other parts of East Ghouta successfully took up.

The article asks "Why is it such a far fetched idea to the corporate media that the terrorists could have conducted this latest atrocity?"

Indeed, it's extremely unlikely this incident is anything but a false flag operation by Al Qaeda rebels seeking to oust Assad.

Stacy Herbert gets straight to the point with this Tweet.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock