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What are the Top Reasons for Not Getting Vaccinated?

“I’m afraid of dying just getting the shot,” said one respondent.
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Top Reasons for Skipping Covid Shots

Morning Consult has an interesting poll in an effort to figure out why the vaccination effort has stalled.

Please consider Why Holdouts Haven’t Gotten a COVID-19 Shot, in Their Own Words

As of Tuesday, 66.2 percent of adults had gotten at least their first shot, shy of the White House’s goal of 70 percent by July 4. That failure underscores just how difficult it is to finish the last stretch of any public health campaign — and a new Morning Consult/Politico survey suggests many unvaccinated adults aren’t budging.

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  • Roughly a quarter of respondents in the June 25-28 survey said they were worried about the safety or efficacy of the shots 
  • Another quarter said they didn’t trust the vaccine development process, 
  • 10% of respondents listed misinformation about the vaccines, skepticism of drug companies or general anti-government or anti-vaccine sentiment.
  • Some believe the vaccine affects women’s fertility — a rumor that’s spread on social media but has no scientific basis — while others said they didn’t want to be “guinea pigs” for the shots, which have already been tested in large clinical trials.
  • Another 7 percent said they don’t feel they’re at risk, perhaps because they’ve already had COVID-19. Six percent plan to get the shot but haven’t gotten around to it yet.