Watch Sandra wash her hands for minutes, then inspect them.

Sandra even started washing her enclosure.

Georgia Late to the Party

Hello Georgia

Colorado Nitwit Mayor

Colorado mayor faces furious backlash after dismissing coronavirus concerns and daring someone to spit in his mouth.

States with No Lockdowns


Florida Governor Finally Restricts Movement To Essential Services

Please note that the Florida Governor Finally Restricts Movement To Essential Services

My Comment Yesterday

My Comments Today

  1. Sandra the Orangutan has more sense than many of these governors and mayors.
  2. It took Trump a month to catch on, but he finally did.

Please note Trump Warns Big Death Toll Is Coming

No V-Shaped Recovery

Forget about V-shaped recovery optimism. The Covid-19 Recession Will Be Deeper Than the Great Financial Crisis.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Stupidity Threats: "I can be stupid as well," said Juncker to Trump

Some amusing details have emerged from yesterday's alleged trade cease-fire "deal" between Juncker and Trump.

Coronavirus Can Spread in Poop and On Doorknobs

Let's take a look at some of the latest reports on the spread of the coronavirus.

Upset About the One-Sided Tax Bill? Here's What to Do About It!

The Tax bill will raise the deficit by $1.5 trillion and will likely do nothing for you personally. Don't just sit there

Polexit Threat: EU Increasingly Upset About Poland Ignoring Rules

The Polish government increasingly defies EU rules. Since Poland is the largest aid recipient, the EU is hopping mad.

Humans Cause Waymo Crash

A human driver swerved to avoid another car. The result was a crash with a Waymo vehicle.

Germany Seethes and Juncker Warns Trump About Tariffs: Can Trump Win?

In a hot air speech to the EU parliament, Juncker demanded permanent tariff exemptions from Trump. I ask "or what?"

Trump Freezes Federal Workers' Pay: What's it Really About?

The Capital was nearly empty last week. The 116th Congress starts Jan 3. Meanwhile, Trump froze federal worker's wages.

Tweets of the Day: Human to Dog Infections

Latest coronavirus news: human to dog transmission, emergency declarations, real time tracking in Singapore, more ...

China in State of Panic as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises

As the official death toll mounts so do the demands and restriction on Chinese citizens.