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Nine companies eliminating dividends in 2020 declined an average of 52% this year.

It's important to note that these companies may have run out of cash if they didn't.

Looks like it is 11 Cancellations

Bank Dividends?

The European Central Bank has instructed lenders to cancel all measures to return funds to shareholders. Regulators in the US and the UK should follow their example.

UK's Biggest Banks Scrap Dividends and Bonuses

Glencore Defers Dividend Payment

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EasyJet Pays Dividend, Takes Bailout

Hong Kong Still Pays Dividends

All Shook Up

Goldman Sachs Sees Dividend Slash of 25%

A Different Kind of Dividend

Important to note that what's happened *so far* is largely baked in based on (bad) choices the U.S. made a week to a month ago, or longer. The data lags our actions to an extent that folks don't seem to fully appreciate. But making better choices *now* *will* pay dividends later.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock