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What the Hell is UPS Doing? Here is the Tracking for a Package I Ordered

I ordered a $12 package of nylon string from Amazon. Let's review where the package is and how it got there.
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The Current Path of My Amazon Order Via UPS

My String On Dec 6

My String On Dec 6

My String On Dec 7

My String On Dec 7

My String On Dec 10

My String On Dec 10


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  • Dec 6, Tucson, AZ, 532 Miles Away
  • Dec 6, Goodyear AZ, 404 Miles Away
  • Dec 7, Las Vegas NV, 119 Miles Away
  • Dec 7, Salt Lake City UT, 302 Miles Away (Undoubtable Passing Through St. George from Las Vegas!)
  • Dec 10, Maumee OH, 1847 Miles Away
  • Dec 10, Hodgkins IL, 1621 Miles Away

Update - It made it back to Salt Lake City and headed to St. George.

Meanwhile, this is beyond ridiculous and it's not the first time something like this has happened to me with UPS. 

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