What Winning Looks Like

Here's a 1.5 hr documentary about Afghanistan. It is a few years old but shows the quagmire. Marine Major Steuber seems like a stand-up guy trying to do the right thing. I wonder if he kept his rank after this documentary came out.

A quick check of my calendar shows that it's December 22, 2018. Almost five years have passed since Obama declared the war would be over.

Tired of Being Policeman


In response to Trump announcing the US would pull troops out of Syria and cut back troops in Afghanistan, defense secretary James Mattis resigned. Good Riddance.

The warmongers, including many on the left were shocked. In a nauseating article, left-wing VOX called Mattis the last “adult” in the Trump administration.

Perpetual War

These McCain-like warmongers, left and right, will keep us there us there forever.

I say, Thank You, President Trump! Troop Reduction in Afghanistan, Pulling Out of Syria

Staying is absurd. We did not win in 18 years and we won't win in another 18 years.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Zombified Economy: What Will the Next Recession Look Like?

The short answer is nothing like the last.

Lance Roberts and Mish Discuss What the Next Recession Will Look Like

Lance and I did four video segments today. We discuss the Fed, the US, Europe, and other topics.

What Spot in the Yield Curve is Likely to Invert First?

The yield curve has flattened considerably over the last year. Will it invert? Where? The following chart explains.

Afghanistan: What the Hell Are We Doing?

The US invaded Afghanistan in October of 2001. US troops have been in the country ever since. That’s 16 years. Have we made any progress?

What Will the Yield Curve Look Like if the Fed Hikes in Dec and March?

Futures positions imply a 92% chance the Fed will hike in Dec and 50% again in March. How will the yield curve respond?

Europe's Nationalism and Trump's Trade Policies Look Like WWI Prelude

In conversations with friends, one thought the current political scene was like the prelude to WWII. Another said WWI.

Thank You, President Trump! Troop Reduction in Afghanistan, Pulling Out of Syria

Kudos to Trump, twice. There's a big troop reduction in Afghanistan and he is pulling all troops out of Syria.

Anti-Trump Leftist Win Mexico Presidency in Landslide

Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), anti-Trump leftist, will become Mexico's 58th president for the next six years.

What "Tax the Rich" Really Means

One of my favorite people to follow on Twitter is @dlacalle_IA, Daniel Lacalle. Some examples that explain why.