Message of the Day

New York Fed President John Williams Says the "Central Bank is Listening to the Market", and everyone else too.

“We are listening very carefully to what’s happening in markets for two reasons. One is financial conditions have [an] important influence on [the] economic outlook,” Williams said on “Squawk on the Street ” in an interview with CNBC’s Steve Liesman. “Second, I think we are hearing something important from markets, and that is a concern risk to the economy and potential further slowdown than we currently expect in our base case.”

It’s not just looking at the “hard GDP data” or “CPI data,” he added. “We’re listening to the message of the market.”

He said Friday that this week’s rate increase was “fully justified and makes sense,” but he added the Fed is open to reconsidering its views on rate hikes next year. Stocks rose sharply during Friday’s interview, but then faded.

Implied Message


The implied message was that the Fed would not let the stock market decline, or if it did, the Fed would adjust policy.

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Fed Listening

The Fed is listening, to everything. What a hoot. The market does not believe the Fed's implied message and neither do I.

This is another one of those "Too Late To Matter" concepts: Too Late To Matter: Fed-Sponsored Economic Bust Coming No Matter What.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

When Good News No Longer Matters

Many times it's not the news that significant, but rather the stock market's reaction to the news.

Economic Stupidity and Fed Groupthink Remain "Well-Anchored"

NY Fed President John Williams reiterated complete nonsense on the Phillips Curve and inflation expectations today.

San Francisco Fed President: "No Signs Bubble About to Burst"

San Francisco Fed President John Williams cannot spot any bubbles. He wants gradual hikes.

China No Longer Needs US Parts in its Phones

China was once very dependent on US chips for its phones. The latest Chinese phones have no US parts.

Christine Blasey Ford No Longer Deserves Benefit of Doubt

It is increasingly apparent that Cristine Blasey Ford's testimony is riddled not with false memories, but outright lies.

Three Massive Bubbles in 17 Years: When Will This One Bust? A 60% Decline Coming?

John Hussman's presents a message no one wants to hear because nearly everyone is too busy believing for the third time in 17 years that "It's different this time". Last week Hussman wrote about Valuations, Suff

Economic Reality: Bottom 50% of Americans No Longer Matter

The Fed likes to brag about the “We saved the world” recovery. However, the unfortunate truth of the matter is a record Half of American Families Live Paycheck to Paycheck. Does it Matter? Let’s investigate.

NY Fed President Dudley Complains Unemployment is Too Low, Rate Hikes Needed

NY Fed President William Dudley is worried about the low unemployment rate. He thinks the Fed needs to be above neutral.

Fed has Recession Tools, Promises to Use them Quicker Next Time

New York Fed president John Williams is yapping today about recession tools and ability to use them quicker.