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Where Does China's Benevolent Neutrality Towards Ukraine and Russia Lead?

China wants to stay neutral. Biden wants China to take a stand. Where's this going?
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Biden Again Threatens China

The Wall Street Journal reports Biden, Xi Talk as U.S. Threatens Actions if China Backs Russia in Ukraine War

During a nearly two-hour-long videoconference, Mr. Xi sought to present China as a peacemaker. “The Ukraine crisis is something we don’t want to see,” he told Mr. Biden, according to China’s official Xinhua News Agency. “Conflict and confrontation are not in the interests of anyone.”

“The Biden-Xi call could be a tipping point for U.S.-China relations,” said Neil Thomas, an analyst at Eurasia Group, a political-risk consulting firm. If the two sides find common ground on Ukraine, he said, then it could stabilize tensions.

“But if Biden gets nothing from Xi, or if there are diplomatic fireworks, then the call could herald a new low in modern U.S.-China relations,” said Mr. Thomas.

China's Response 

Bragging Rights

That response pre-dated the meeting between Biden and Xi, but undeniably set the tone.

And if there was anything Biden could brag about, Biden would be bragging already.  

Right as I was in the middle of typing that last sentence, came this Financial Times headline "Xi warns Biden against ‘sweeping and indiscriminate sanctions’ over Ukraine war"

A live briefing starts shortly. 

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Both sides will likely report a "constructive" or "somewhat constructive" meeting but the FT headline tells the true story.

China the Big Winner

This affirms my March 8 post US Sanction Policy Drives China Into Russia's Loving Arms.

China is the big winner and it will not risk that to appease Biden.

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