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Smoke is so dense it blocks sunlight and so high that it's 20,000 above cruising altitude of jet airliners. 

Orange Skies No Sun

Zero Solar Production 

"It's Noon and it may as well be Midnight."


9:00AM Unreal

Satellite Images


Best wishes to all impacted.


Wildfires Blaze Downtown Ventura, Hundreds-of-Thousands Evacuated

Hurricane-like Santa Anna winds spread massive wildfires across Southern California scorching 116,000 acrea.

Earnings Estimates: Yardeni Asks "What are Analysts Smoking"?

Earnings estimates keep rising and rising. What is everyone smoking?

All Hail Greta, the Great Carbon Hypocrite

Above all else, Greta Thunberg is a world class carbon hypocrite.

As Wildfire Rage in CA, Trump Tweets "Mismanagement" Threatens to Cut Funds

Southern California fires force evacuation of Malibu. Trump calls "gross mismanagement", and threatens to cut funds.

California Wildfires Rage: Gross Mismanagement vs Gross Insensitivity

A reader makes the case for gross mismanagement. Does that excuse gross insensitivity?