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The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled yesterday that the state shutdowns were illegal. Bar traffic results vary widely.

Nicks Bar

Brown County

Fox News - Bars Flooded

Fox News reports Wisconsin Bars Flooded with Patrons hours after state Supreme Court strikes down stay-at-home order.

Nick’s Bar in Platteville, Wis., shared a photo on Twitter with the caption: “45 minutes after the bars open in Wisconsin” showing the establishment packed with mostly young people, none of whom were wearing masks or observing social distancing.

A photo taken by the Green Bay Press-Gazette showed that the State Street Pub in Green Bay had briefly reopened with about a dozen customers inside after the state Supreme Court ruling. Decorations for St. Patrick’s Day, the March 17 holiday, remained on display the first day of the reopening. Neither the bartender nor the customers had masks.

But that bar’s reopening was also short-lived. By Wednesday night, Brown County Health Officer Anna Destree issued a local safer-at-home order to replace the now resolute state rules, requiring all county residents to remain home until at least May 20.

Star Tribune - Rolling the Dice

The Star Tribune reports Bars and other businesses quickly reopen in Wisconsin — for now.

Ted Mosby couldn’t help but feel conflicted Thursday as he finished his drink at Jonesy’s Local Bar and Grill a day after the Wisconsin Supreme Court quashed Gov. Tony Evers’ stay-at-home order.

“The virus is real. … We supposedly haven’t reached our peak yet. That’s the scary part,” said Mosby, a carpenter and retired EMT worker. “We’ll reach it sooner now that we’re open.”

But it’s also good, he admitted, to once again sit at a bar and quench his thirst after work. “I’m rolling the dice. … People are getting antsy. They’re stir-crazy.”

At Hop and Barrel Brewing, half the tables had been removed and as well as half the seating at those tables that remained. No one will be allowed to sit at the bar when it reopens Friday. Workers will wear masks and gloves.

At Abigail Page Antique Mall, owner Linda Weiser is allowing only five customers in at a time. Everyone must wear a mask. She offers them a pump of hand sanitizer for free, a mask for a $1 and gloves for 50 cents.

CNN - New Rules

CNN Reports Wisconsin bars reopen after court throws out stay-at-home order -- some with new rules

Seven customers showed up at BK's Bar in Shullsburg, Abby Gilbertson-Cottington, who owns the bar with her husband, told CNN. Most patrons stayed at least 6 feet apart, except for one couple who she believed may have been married.

The owner of Limanski's Pub, Kathy Goedde, was watching the news when she saw the order was overturned. "I was pretty happy about that," she told WTMJ. She's limiting capacity to a third of what the bar could hold and reminding patrons to keep social distance, WTMJ reported.

This is It!, an LGBTQ+ bar in Milwaukee, posted a note on its Facebook page telling customers it wasn't ready to reopen just yet.  "We, like you, want life to return to normal, but we will not force any actions or decisions that compromise health and safety," the post said.


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Perhaps there was a flood of traffic, if a dozen or so people at several bars constitutes a flood. 

My concern is the complete lack of any attempts at social distancing at two of the bars.  Those people are begging for another wave of infections and another crackdown.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Yesterday I noted Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Lockdowns Are Illegal

Conservative justices on the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ monthslong stay-at-home order in a ruling released Wednesday.

The 4-3 decision marked the first time a state’s highest court has overturned a stay-at-home order amid the coronavirus pandemic and sided with Republican leaders who argued the governor’s administration had overstepped its legal authority.

Bizarre Ruling 

In a bizarre ruling the Supreme Court ruled that the State could not order closings because it constituted Tyranny, yet the court allowed local politicians to do the same.

As a result, Madison and Milwaukee immediately reimposed the lockdowns,

The result is 72 counties doing their own thing,

Partisan Judges

We can debate the case all day, without changings anyone's mind on what should be done.

But this seems like a half-assed decision that will please no one, or perhaps half the people, half the time, depending on the county. 

One question lingers: Why are there elected partisan judges in the first place?