Men vs Women Employment Long-Term

Employment Level Men va Women Long Term August 2020

In the preceding 6 recessions, unemployment impacted men far more than women, especially during the Great Recession.

These charts show employment levels, not jobs, and make no distinction between full-time and part-time employment.

Employment Gains and Losses Men vs Women August 2020

Key Points


  • The Covid recession impacted women more than men.
  • Male employment fell 14.25% from February to April.
  • Female employment fell 17.89% from February to April.
  • Since April, women are recovering employment at a faster pace than men.

That's not a surprise. Women hold more hotel, cleaning, restaurant server, and hospitality-in-general jobs than men. 

Those jobs are not work-at-home eligible.

The Recovery is Led by Part-Time, Not Full-Time Employment

Also note The Recovery is Led by Part-Time, Not Full-Time Employment


Household Income Up But Median Earnings for Men -5.73% Since 1973: Women +33.99%

Real median earnings for men are down 5.73% since 1973. Median earnings for women are up 33.99%.

Jobs Rise 225,000 But Employment Fell by 89,000

The BLS reports jobs rose by 225,000 in January but the manufacturing recession continues.