Wuhan Crematory 127 Yesterday, This is 4-5 Times Normal Rate


Investigation into Wuhan crematory operational rates suggests massive, fraudulent under-reporting of coronavirus deaths.

Worker Burnout at the Wuhan Crematorium

Chinese crematories are operating at 4-5 times the normal rate, minimum. Very few are listed as coronavirus deaths.

Here is a translation from China Press on Worker Burnout at the Wuhan Crematorium.

The site does not allow capturing text so I made this image clip.

Only 8 of 116 Counted as an Official Death

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That is just one funeral home.

Billionaire Whistleblower: Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Is Over 50,000

Please consider Billionaire Whistleblower: Wuhan Coronavirus Death Toll Is Over 50,000

Key Details

  • The official coronavirus death toll in China is a little over 800. Whistleblower Guo Wengui is a Chinese billionaire living in exile in the United States disputes the numbers.
  • Wengui says crematoriums are leaking the real figure.
  • His estimate is 1.5 Million Coronavirus Cases In China, 50,000 Coronavirus Deaths In Wuhan alone
  • Wengui says there are 49 crematoriums in Wuhan, and they’ve been working 24/7 for 17 days. Last week, a crematorium worker identified as “Mr. Yun” told a Chinese newspaper he and co-workers have been working 24 hours a day.

Video Interview of Wengui

That is a fascinating video about Wengui's personal life, his love of freedom in the US, and what he is doing to topple corrupt leaders in China.

It's not about the coronavirus itself.

Singapore Conference Outbreak

Culture of Lies

A New York Post opinion article says China’s Culture of Lies has Helped Spread the Coronavirus.

The video out of China’s Hubei province is heartbreaking: A young woman stands outside the doors of a hospital while a body bag is unceremoniously dumped in the back of a hospital van. As the vehicle pulls away into the night, bound for a nearby crematorium, she can be heard crying, “Mama, mama.” She takes a few halting steps after the vehicle before breaking down in tears.

“I didn’t have a chance to say goodbye,” she sobs. “They wouldn’t even tell me what killed my mother. But we all know that it was the coronavirus.”

One crematorium manager told a Hong Kong reporter that, in normal times, his 24 ovens were lit five days a week for four hours at a time. Now, he said, they have so many corpses to deal with that all the ovens are going around the clock. This suggests the body count must be in the thousands.

Crematory Math

  • 5 Days for 4 Hours = 20 Hours of Operation
  • 7 Days for 24 Hours = 168 Hours of Operation

That is 8.4 times the normal rate.

A reasonable assumption range would be that all the crematories in Wuhan are operating at 4-8 times the normal rate.

Unreported Death Math

If we assume 50-100 uncounted deaths per day, per crematory, we arrive at 1,200 to 2,400 unreported Coronavirus deaths per day .

If this has been going on for 2 weeks, the number of unreported deaths would be in the range of 16,800 to 33,600.

Note: Wengui says there are 49 crematoriums in Wuhan. My calculation was based on 24 crematoriums, a number I picked up somewhere else.

If we redo the calc there are 2,450 to 4,900 unreported deaths per day.

That would imply 34,300 to 68,600 unreported deaths just in the Wuhan area over the last 2 weeks.

Economic Impact

In case you missed it, please see Massive Manufacturing Disruptions Due to Coronavirus Include iPhone

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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Anyone still comparing this to a normal flu is seriously nuts.


Mish, wtf is going on?


Sure, the Chinese Communist government was responsible for killing 30 million of their own people during the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. But they wouldn't lie about this. No chance.


Is there anything to make of: 1. The report that their is a high security virus research lab near Wuhan. 2. A group of virus researcher's report that came out saying they studied the Corona virus, and believe it is not natural and contains HIV components. 3. Chinese doctors saying they are successfully treating infected people with HIV drugs?


One potential bright side is that you don't see the same kind of death rates outside of China as you are seeing in Hubei. However, this could also be that it is still early and Hubei's hospitals are overwhelmed, whereas ours aren't...at least not yet.


The only things we know for certain are:

  1. Thus far, if we consider Hong Kong to be a part of China, outside of China we have 1 dead, 26 cured, which "could" mean a CFR of 3.7%, but the sample size is too low to really know. It could be 1%, or it could be 5%. It almost certainly is orders of magnitude higher than the normal flu, at .04%.
  2. China felt an urgent need to add 2000 ICU beds immediately to Wuhan, but has not felt the need to add any elsewhere. Considering that Wuhan probably had a couple thousand available ICU beds, this probably means about 4-5000 cases requiring hospitalization. If the serious complication rate is 20%, that implies ~25,000 infections. If the serious complication rate is 2%, that implies 250,000 infections.
  3. The R0, and the CFR scared China into taking drastic action, including prohibiting going out in public, and rounding up for quarantine all suspected cases.
  4. Deaths in Wuhan are almost certainly under-reported, but are also almost certainly much higher than they would have been had the healthcare system not been immediately overwhelmed.
St. Funogas
St. Funogas

I'm not comparing this to the flu in any way so let's not go there. See all my other posts about this being a bat CoV mutation.

With that said, this post is about all the deaths happening in China right now. I am assuming that the flu which is going on in the US right now is happening all over the Northern Hemisphere. If the Chinese are getting flu (from influenza virus, not CoV) with the same frequency and same death rates as Americans are, then we should be seeing a lot of deaths in China due to the ordinary flu. Here's what the numbers would be based on China having 4.36 x the US population.

CDC says as of Feb 1, 180K hospitalizations and 10K deaths in the US. In China that would translate to:

785,455 hospitalizations
43,636 deaths

All I'm saying is that they most likely have a huge flu problem on top of their CoV problems. Our own CDC could only manage to get 20 of 76 cases tested between Wednesday and Friday. What can we expect China to do with tens of thousands to deal with?


Aren't there multiple tests of existing anti-viral, HIV, etc type drugs being performed? It's quite likely that these will bear fruit and greatly lower the death rate.


Officials finally began to seal the borders on Jan. 23. But it was too late. Speaking to reporters a few days after the the city was put under quarantine, the mayor estimated that 5 million people had already left. Where did they go? https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/feb/9/millions-left-wuhan-china-coronavirus-quarantine/


It is unclear if all crematoriums operate as higher than normal capacity. Maybe only designated one(s) deal with victims of nCov.


HK delayed sealing its border. It might pay the ultimate price ... :(



I read everywhere that a lot of people in China remotely exposed to the virus sleep only a few hours each night because of lack of manpower in taking care of the diseased and the deaths. Our immune system remain the only reason why no natural pandemic (past, present or future) has been able to eradicate the human species entirely. A severe lack of rest (and the stress added by working overtime) is damaging the immune system as per mainstream research.

I anticipated from the first datas that this new virus was killing old sick people like myself only. That is not the case unfortunately.
Think about this 34 years old doctor who discovered (he was first forced to silence which indicate that reporting a disease and its fatalities is not straightforwardly reliable in China) this new SARS type outbreak.
He got all the best medical assistance (including oxygen and a positive pressure breathing mask) but died anyway as he probably was exhausted.

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