Weekly West Texas Intermediate Chart

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WTI Monthly Chart

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Stockcharts does not have intraday prices but it does have nice looking charts. The chart shown does not have today's plunge.


There could be a bounce at any time, but technically speaking, a bounce from the $33-$40 level seems more likely.

What's Going On?

  1. The US and Russia are pumping record amounts of oil.
  2. Trump granted a number of nations exemptions on his Iran sanctions
  3. OPEC infighting
  4. Fallout from the brutal killing of a Saudi dissident journalist
  5. Slowing global economy

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Energy Bloodbath Continues: Five Reasons Why Crude is Plunging

The price of Crude fell another 7% today. It's down 28% since October 3. What's going on?

Crude Down Record 11th Day

Crude is down 22% since the early October high. Comments from Trump negated expectations that OPEC would cut production.

Crude Collapses Since Start of Year: A Credit Implosion Up Next

Crude extended it plunge today. For the year, it's down 32.5%.

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Are U.S. Treasury yields up or down from a year ago? The answer is yes: Both.

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Today we found out what the Fed thought nearly a month ago. What's that worth?

New Home Sales Bounce 7% in June from Hugely Negative Revisions

New home sales rose 7% but the total fell far short of expectations because of revisions.

Diving Into the Medical CPI: Are Your Medical Expenses Up Only 5% from Year Ago?

On November 1, I posted a couple of charts from Variant Perception that shows medical price inflation plus rent inflation is up nearly 9% from a year ago.

Housing Starts: Yet Another Unexpected Thud, Down 11.2 Percent

Housing starts gave back all of their 3.2 percent increase in November and then some.

Congratulations Workers, You Now Make 0.5% More Than a Year Ago

In real (inflation-adjusted) terms workers make 0.5% more than a year ago, assuming one believes the CPI.