Please see YouGov's Election Centre model for final projections.

48 Seat Changes

YouGov Tory Pickups

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12 of those gains are within the 0-4 point margin of error.

YouGov LibDem, SNP, Labour Gains Final

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9 Tory losses are also easily within the margin of error.

In all 23 seats are in the 0-4 point range.

Tories are involved in 21 of them.

Hung Parliament

If one believes YouGov is correct, a hung parliament is easily within the margin of error.

I will make my final projections shortly.

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

Five Star + Northern League a Projected Majority

Senate returns now project a Five Star plus Northern League outright majority.

Three UK Election Projections, Raw Numbers and Seat by Seat

YouGov projects a Conservative majority of 68, Electoral Calculus 34, and a model of ComRes data yields 48.

Major Shocker: Conservatives Win Australia as Labor's Climate Agenda Backfires

Every poll in Australia had the Labor party winning the national election. Instead, the Conservatives won.

UK Election: Resurgence of Tory Support in Final Polls

Survation posted a pair of back-to-back polls on June 2-3 that had the lead for Theresa May’s Tories (conservatives), down to 1% over Jeremy Corbyn’ Labour Party.

UK Election Final Polls All Over the Place: Who's Right?

Still more polls are in. The Tory lead ranges from 5% to 11%.

Tory Majority of 48 Based On Latest ComRes Data

The latest ComRes polling data suggests a Tory majority of 48 in the UK election a week from now.

Nine States Projected to Contract in 2020: More on the Way

Leading indicators at the state level project nine states will contract within the next six months.

Exit Polls Suggest Conservative Win But No Majority (That’s a Loss)

Results are early, and exit polls have been hugely wrong before (does anyone recall Brexit?), but right now, exit polls suggest Labour will pick up seats. The exit poll also projects Conservatives will win but they will lose their outright majority.

Covid Tracking Project and Tweets of the Day

Fortunately, we see a change in the slope of hospitalizations and deaths for the better.