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Huge 2-1 Lead for Biden in Philadelphia Suburbs

Pennsylvania Polls

Pennsylvania Polls 2020-09-29

Polls are from FiveThirtyEight.

Polls marked with an "*" are sponsored. The first I believe by Republicans and the second I believe by Democrats. I ignore both. 

Polls of likely voters are of higher quality than registered voters.

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That makes the most recent poll chain +9 +9 +5 +7  by ABC/WaPo, Siena College/NYT, TIPP, and Fox News respectively.

Blockbuster Tax Report

The blockbuster New York Times tax disclosure on Trump could be fatal for Trump's chances.

For discussion, please see Trump Says Taxes are "Fake News": He Has an Easy Way to Prove It

For an update on Trump's dwindling chances, please see Election 2020 What States are In Play?