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57-43 Vote with 7 Republicans

  1. Richard Burr - North Carolina
  2. Bill Cassidy - Louisiana 
  3. Susan Collins - Maine
  4. Lisa Murkowski - Alaska 
  5. Mitt Romney - Utah
  6. Ben Sasse - Nebraska
  7. Pat Toomey - Pennsylvania

The rest are political cowards or delusional fools if not outright traitors.

Worthy Comments

As Expected 

This of course was as expected.

For discussion, please see A Phone Call Proves Trump's Guilt, But It Won't Matter

Won't Matter?

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That statement pertains only the the impeachment process not courts of law or courts of public opinion.

Trump still faces criminal charges in Georgia, and tax evasion charges in New York.

Perhaps D.C. prosecutors will conduct a real trial over this because the impeachment process was a farce. 

Trump can be prosecuted for inciting a riot or dereliction of duty in D.C. And D.C. is the most democratic jurisdiction in the United States. Being tried in DC is Trump’s worst nightmare. 

Coward Extraordinaire McConnell 

Sad Day

Today was a sad day for the US Constitution. But this might be rectified in a real court of law.

Congratulations and praise to the seven Republican Senators who undoubtedly voted their conscience at the risk of ending their careers.