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Expletive-Laced Phone Call

Here are new details regarding an Expletive-Laced Phone Call between  Kevin McCarthy and President Trump during the Capitol riots. 

While the Capitol was under attack, then-President Donald Trump said the rioters cared more about the election results than McCarthy did.

"Well, Kevin, I guess these people are more upset about the election than you are," Trump said, according to lawmakers who were briefed on the call afterward by McCarthy.

A furious McCarthy told the then-President the rioters were breaking into his office through the windows, and asked Trump, "Who the f--k do you think you are talking to?"

"He is not a blameless observer, he was rooting for them," a Republican member of Congress said. "On January 13, Kevin McCarthy said on the floor of the House that the President bears responsibility and he does."

What We Know About the Call 

Similarly, the Wall Street Journal reports What We Know About McCarthy’s Call With Trump On Jan. 6.

“He’s getting reports of what is happening. He did not accept people doing this type of the behavior. I know he’s getting reports as well. I wanted to give him a first-hand report,” Mr. McCarthy told Fox News on Jan. 6.

The call got heated and at one point, Mr. McCarthy angrily retorted, “Who the f---- do you think you’re talking to?” according to a person familiar with the discussion.

Trump Did Not Try to Put Out Flames

The above call proves Trump Did Not Try to Put Out Flames.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.), the lead House manager, pushed back on the Trump legal team’s arguments that senators should ignore the former president’s actions after the attack on the Capitol began.

“Senators, think about it for a second,” Mr. Raskin said. “Say you light a fire and you’re charged with arson. The defense counsel says, ‘Everything that I did after the fire started is irrelevant.’ And the court would reject that immediately and say that’s not true at all.”

“If you run over and try to put out the flames, if you call for help, a court could infer that you didn’t intend for the fire to be lit in the first place,” Mr. Raskin said. “They would accept your defense perhaps that it was all an accident. Accidents happen with fire. But if, on the other hand, when the fire erupts, you go and you pour more fuel on it, you stand by and you watch it gleefully, any reasonable person will infer that you not only intended the fire to start, but that once it got started and began to spread, you intended to continue to keep the fire going. And that’s exactly where we are, my friends.”

Can I Get a Witness?

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Sadly, no, because a deal was reached to not call witnesses.

The Senate averted a drawn-out impeachment trial after Democrats and defense lawyers reached an agreement to not call witnesses, setting the stage for closing arguments and a final vote on the charge that former President Donald Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told his GOP colleagues earlier on Saturday morning that he would vote to acquit, and many Republican and Democratic senators sitting as jurors have said they have largely made up their minds on how they will vote.

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.), the lead impeachment manager, reversed his earlier plan to call Ms. Herrera Beutler and instead read her statement [regarding the phone call] into evidence. The agreement averted a drawn-out process of calling witnesses and puts the trial back on track for a vote to convict or acquit as early as later today.

The phone call will be a matter of record, but most Republican, including Mitch McConnell just do not give a damn.

A friend of mind commented the Republicans would not have convicted Trump even if they got a hold of Pence, Pelosi, and McCarthy and hung them.

Won't Matter?

My headline says this won't matter. That statement pertains only the the impeachment process not courts of law or courts of public opinion.

Trump still faces criminal charges in Georgia, and tax evasion charges in New York.

Perhaps D.C. prosecutors will conduct a real trial over this because the impeachment process was a farce

Trump can be prosecuted for inciting a riot or dereliction of duty in D.C. And D.C. is the most democratic jurisdiction in the United States. Being tried in DC is Trump’s worst nightmare.

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