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Pat Toomey on Impeachment

Republican Senators Willing to Take a Stand

  1. Senator Pat Toomey (R., PA) cites impeachable offenses.
  2. Senator Ben Sasse (R., NE.) said Trump violated his oath of office.
  3. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R., AK) became the first Republican senator to call for Mr. Trump to resign.
  4. Senator Mitt Romney (R., UT) publicly blasted Trump.

"I believe the president has disregarded his oath of office," Sasse said. "He swore an oath to the American people to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. He acted against that."

Romney has not yet stated an opinion on impeachment but I am quite sure he would do it. Romney’s speech calling out GOP was the culmination of years of warning about Trump

Recall that Romney was the only Republican to vote for Trump’s impeachment last year. It is reasonable to assume he would again.

Trump Crossed a Constitutional Line and Should Resign

The WSJ says Trump Crossed a Constitutional Line and Should Resign.

[Trump's actions were] ... an assault on the constitutional process of transferring power after an election. It was also an assault on the legislature from an executive sworn to uphold the laws of the United States. This goes beyond merely refusing to concede defeat. In our view it crosses a constitutional line that Mr. Trump hasn’t previously crossed. It is impeachable.

We know an act of grace by Mr. Trump isn’t likely. In any case this week has probably finished him as a serious political figure. He has cost Republicans the House, the White House, and now the Senate. Worse, he has betrayed his loyal supporters by lying to them about the election and the ability of Congress and Mr. Pence to overturn it. He has refused to accept the basic bargain of democracy, which is to accept the result, win or lose.

There's still more. What about Georgia?

White House Forced Georgia U.S. Attorney to Resign

Please note White House Forced Georgia U.S. Attorney to Resign

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A senior Justice Department official, at the behest of the White House, called Trump-appointed U.S. Attorney Byung J. Pak and told him he needed to step down because he wasn’t pursuing vote-fraud allegations to Mr. Trump’s satisfaction, the people said.

Mr. Pak resigned abruptly on Monday—the day before the runoffs—saying in an early morning email to colleagues that his departure was due to “unforeseen circumstances.” 

The pressure on Mr. Pak was part of Mr. Trump’s weekslong push to try to alter presidential election results favoring President-elect Joe Biden, which included his win in Georgia. Mr. Trump this week, following the U.S. Capitol riot, said he would leave office on Jan. 20 when Mr. Biden is inaugurated.

Mr. Pak’s resignation came one day after the public release of the audio of a Jan. 2 call in which Mr. Trump had urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the November election results. Mr. Trump told Mr. Raffensperger in the roughly hourlong call that the Georgia Republican could face legal action and said he should find nearly 12,000 votes of five million cast to reverse Mr. Biden’s victory in the state.

Mr. Raffensperger rejected pressure to further investigate an election, telling the president, “The challenge that you have is that the data you have is wrong.”

The president also complained on the call that Mr. Pak was a “never Trumper.”

What Have We Here?

  • Election tampering
  • Judicial tampering 
  • Obstruction of justice

Georgia officials are investigating whether Trump broke Georgia election laws. 

It's clear he did. 

Add those to grounds for impeachment. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will likely hold up a vote for the sole purpose of not having Republicans own up on record whether they still support Trump. 

Trump is guilty and should be removed. 

Trump is Toxic

Removal from office by impeachment is somewhat moot. Trump is Now Toxic, The Value of the "Trump Brand" is Negative.

Trump's legacy is sealed. He will be viewed as the anarchist holding the match.

All that's left for Trump is a pile of lawsuits, some of which might put him in prison.