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AOC's Tax the Rich Hypocrisy Stinks to High Heavens

In apparent violation violation of House Ethics Rules, AOC accepted two free $35,000 event tickets to the Met Gala 2021.
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AOC With Her Boyfriend2

AOC is busy basking in the glow of a $35,000 a Plate Event allegedly promoting her Tax the Rich campaign.

Tax the Rich

Tax the Rich AOC Dress2

A.O.C.’s Met Gala Dress Triggered Strong Reactions

The New York Times reports A.O.C.’s Met Gala Dress Triggered Strong Reactions.

While some championed the provocation, the congresswoman’s “Tax the Rich” gown drew sharp statements from across the political spectrum.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s attendance — and dress — provided easy fodder for her most reliably triggered critics. On Twitter, Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s eldest son, tagged her as a fraud for sending a message about taxing the rich “while she’s hanging out with a bunch of wealthy leftwing elites.”

But more surprising than the rote judgments from her political opponents was the criticism Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat, generated from the left — a chorus of dissatisfaction from progressives and self-described socialists disappointed by a gesture they said caricatured a progressive cause and underscored their sense that she is not maximizing her ability to fight for working people from Congress.

“The Met Gala is an event best shunned by sincere socialists,” wrote John Ganz, a columnist for who described himself as a supporter who at other times has viewed Ms. Ocasio-Cortez as a “beacon of hope.”

Danny Haiphong, a socialist activist and writer, said what offended him was not the dissonance of a self-described democratic socialist hobnobbing with the elite, but that “A.O.C. and the Squad are not leveraging their enormous base of support to demand the very thing she put on her dress.”

Met Gala 2021

What About Rules?

Please consider this Q&A at Ethics.House.Gov FAQ on Free Gifts.

Q. I have been invited to attend a lunch briefing, and the sponsor will serve a box lunch. Can I accept the lunch?

A. If the sponsor is not a registered lobbyist or foreign agent and does not employ or retain such a person, then House Members and employees may generally accept a gift, including a meal, valued at less than $50. Gifts from a single donor valued at $100 or more in a single calendar year are prohibited. If the sponsor does employ or retain a lobbyist, free attendance may still be acceptable if the event qualifies as a “widely attended event.”

In addition to getting a free $35,000 ticket, nowhere do the rules suggest it is acceptable for the boyfriend of the House member to get a free $35,000 ticket.

The hypocrisy of AOC's appearance at this event, with her boyfriend, dolled up in an expensive donated dress stinks to high heavens.

Even the Left was generally appalled. That's quite a statement.  

Addendum - Comments From a Friend

A person who is the working class “revolutionary” she claims to be would never attend such a diner and so obviously enjoying it. 

The other leading working class advocate in Congress, Bernie Sanders, would never attend such a thing and certainly not in designer clothes doing to red carpet poses (think of Bernie in his only winter coat and mittens). 

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Recall that In the 2019-20 Democratic debates she denounced Pete Buttigieg over attending “wine caves".

She tuned a policy objective and made it a trite joke across her derriere. Literally she made a progressive tax policy into a “butt” of jokes.

Almost everyone at that event opposes her policies she espouses, but she showed she was no real threat. I am sure they all wanted to get photos with AOC as they were cute and they could show them to their kids to look cool.

Every politician gets co-opted, but in her case the transition was very rapid, like the Obamas. I think she sees public service as becoming a big celeb.

I do not think she was a fraud when she started out but 3-4 years into this she sure is one now.


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