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He is. Are you?

I am not sure how long the Tweet will last so I captured the above image. 

Take to the Streets 

Take to the Streets

I am somewhat surprised that Tweet has not been taken down for inciting violence.


Ali #stop the steal

Good Replies

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Special Merit

If people are willing to give up their lives to steal an election for their wanna be dictator they will not be missed.

Is this really the face of the GOP? I’m stunned that an official account would be not so subtly calling for violence.

Please Do

Please do give your life for it. The best way to do it is by taking your pickup truck with the rebel flag license plate and driving it straight off a cliff, screaming "MAGA, baby!" the whole way down. The rest of the US will thank you.

Best Response  

I swore an oath at least half a dozen times to defend the Constitution. I don't recall Trump's name mentioned anywhere, nor mention of supporting the overturning of a free election. Guess which side I will be on of the fight you are trying to start...