Sidney Powell Abruptly Tossed Under the Bus

Flashback November 14

Sidney Powell Removed From President’s Legal Team

Politico notes Trump campaign cuts Sidney Powell from president’s legal team

“Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own,” Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis said in the statement. “She is not a member of the Trump Legal Team. She is also not a lawyer for the President in his personal capacity.”

Mike DuHaime, the Republican National Committee’s former political director, tweeted on Sunday that the party must pull down its tweet endorsing Powell’s remarks now that she’s been removed from representing Trump or the campaign.

“This is crazy/embarrassing to promote,” he tweeted.

Powell  'Too Conspiratorial' and 'Too Crazy Even for the President'

Please consider Lawyer Sidney Powell  'Too Conspiratorial' and 'Too Crazy Even for the President'

Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's top election lawyer, said at a wild press conference Thursday that he, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis were "an elite strike force team" that's "representing President Trump and we're representing the Trump campaign." 

Powell "was too crazy even for the president," a campaign official told The Washington Post. A Trump adviser echoed that to The New York Times, telling reporter Maggie Haberman "she was too conspiratorial even for him," even though Giuliani has been making similar claims. "One down, two to go," a Trump aide told Haberman, who added that Trump was displeased with the loss in Pennsylvania and "Powell was easiest to vote off the island."

Trump "disliked the coverage Powell was receiving from Tucker Carlson and others," the Post reports, citing two Trump advisers, and "several allies had reached out to say she had gone too far" with her conspiracy theories. On Saturday night, Powell went on Newsmax and accused Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R) of taking payoffs to deprive not only Trump of victory in Georgia, but also Rep. Doug Collins (R), who was defeated in his bid for a Senate runoff slot by GOP Sen. Kelly Loellfer.


One Down Two to Go

Trump's Legal Team Is a Farce

National Embarrassment

Chris Christie Calls Trump's Legal Team a National Embarrassment


During Sunday's edition of ABC's This Week, Christie told host George Stephanopoulos that Trump's campaign has had enough time to present evidence of voter fraud, but they have failed to do so. He said the legal challenge has turned into a "national embarrassment," singling out Sidney Powell for accusing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) of a crime and then refusing to back it up with evidence.

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Former CIA Director John Brennan

Of all Donald Trump’s self-centered acts, his failure to respect this time-honored process is his most egregious & most harmful.  Those who support his blatant disregard of the law & decency are equally culpable.

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I am told this is all part of Trump's 4D master plan.

Trump planned in advance to lose 34 consecutive cases so that he could get straight to the Supreme Court for an ultimate victory that would shock the whole world.


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