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You can follow the results at March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary Results.

Washington State was Bernie's last line of defence.

Sanders will get crushed again in 6 days.

March 17 and March 24 Primaries

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Table from 538

Estimates are mine.

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Delegate Assignment

  • I gave Biden roughly 70% of Florida, Arizona, and Georgia
  • I Gave Biden roughly 60% of Illinois and Ohio

The demographics of Florida and Arizona are strongly against tax increases for "Medicare for All" and "Free Education".

Sanders will get clobbered, assuming he stays in that long.

There is a debate on Sunday. In the debate, I doubt they attack each other. Instead they will attack Trump.

Following the debate or following the Wednesday, March 18 primary slaughter, I expect Sanders will formally endorse Biden and drop out.

Mike Mish Shedlock