California Still Counting​

California is still counting and perhaps will be for days, or longer.

The WSJ reports 89.9% reporting in California with Sanders at 33.6% and Biden at 24.9%.

Those numbers are horribly misleading.

Why? No one knows how many mail-in votes there were.


I suspect Sanders' percentage will rise and Biden's will drop. Let's call it 35% to 23%. Bloomberg is totaling about 14%. He will get some but not many of the delegates. Currently he is assigned 14 and Warren 9.

Based on these totals, I expect Bernie to win about 55% of the Delegates and Biden about 37%. That would be 228 for Bernie and 154 for Biden.

Since 155 delegates are already assigned to Sanders, mentally add another 73 (228-155) delegates to Bernie. And mentally add another 61 (154-93) delegates to Biden.

Guess What?

Sanders will gain no more ground from California!

Mike "Mish" Shedlock

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